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Spectacular hillstation sights to attract tourist for Kerala tourism

Kerala Tour Packages | Best offers on Kerala Tourism Trips

Get Kerala tour packages for all occasions with the best offers and expert deals. Get our professional suggestions on Kerala tourism trips. Our tour experts have years of experience and are competent to create perfect holidays according to your requirements. Obtain our most pleasing family, honeymoon, couple, group, team, and women-only holiday packages at a reasonable price.
Let us know your interests, accommodation status, number of persons, days, and touring dates. Within a short time, one of our specialists will provide you with the most appropriate itinerary and price description tailored to your needs.

Most popular Kerala tour packages

Best Kerala Tourism Services:

Being long-term experience in the Kerala tourism industry and a well-managed travel agency for Kerala tourism services, we can provide you with the best tourism services, including tour planning, transportation, cruises, houseboats, and stays with breakfast. Vinu Holidays offers top-notch tour packages for all occasions to all parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka; for tourists in all states of India and abroad. Backed by long-experienced and professional tour operators, drivers, and tourism-related institutions at all tourist destinations, Vinu Holidays can deliver perfect Kerala holidays to our customer's entire satisfaction.

What makes Kerala one of the most prominent tourist destinations:

Kerala has been listed as one of the ten paradises of the world and one of the 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime by National Geographic's Traveller magazine. Kerala, one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the world tourism map, is blessed with unique topographical features which attract numerous tourists from around the world. Guests can find everything they need to entertain themselves in this state loaded with attractions. This region, known globally as God's Own Country for its naturally diverse tourism features and many other tourist-enticing reasons, is abundant with serene beaches, sprawling backwaters, picturesque hillsides, evergreen forests, lush green environments, heritages, and historical and colonial monuments. Kerala is blessed with plenty of tourist attractions that never fail to amaze visitors. Visitors can select from a wide range of options based on their area of interest. Beaches: The unique tropical locations make Kerala a haven for beach lovers. Endless stretches of serene seawater offer a fantastic experience. Each beach in the state is different from the next, offering excitement, activities, relaxation, sand, and rocks. So no matter what kind of beach you like, Kerala has the one you will surely like. Backwaters: The backwaters in the region gave it the title of Venice of the East. As well as offering a unique experience, these backwaters serve as a conduit for agriculture. After experiencing Kerala's Backwater cruise, you will feel like returning to Kerala and enjoying it even more intensely.  Houseboats: These are tributes of the locals to nature. With natural materials, these houseboats are an added beauty to backwaters in the region. A houseboat journey is a most wanted program that tourists compulsorily demand to include in their Kerala tour package.  Rich traditions: The population of Kerala is mainly a fusion of three religions, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. People innately believe in their faith and follow their religious practices but respect each other's beliefs irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion. The people of Kerala are friendly and hospitable. ​Heritage and monuments: You can find many historically important places of worship, palaces, forts, art galleries, antique shops, and many buildings of the foreign culture built during the colonial period in Kerala. Hill stations: Blessed with many features, including mind-blowing waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, varied spices and herbs, serene lakes, beautiful mountains, sprawling green valleys, the tea plantations widely spread like a green carpet, many exciting tourism facilities, and more, Kerala's hill stations, especially the globally known hill station, Munnar, attracts all types tourists.  Wildlife Sanctuaries: Several famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala have exotic and rare flora and fauna. Two tiger reserves and fourteen wildlife sanctuaries lie within the majestic Western Ghats or Sahyadri Ranges of Kerala. In addition, Kerala has six national parks that protect and preserve endangered species like Indian Sloth-Bears, Lion-Tailed Macaques, Indian Bison, Bengal Tigers, and Nilgiri Tahrs.

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