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Kerala Tour Packages Planned by Experts

Tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala. Experience the beauty of Kerala with tour packages fromVinu Holidays, your trusted tour agency.

Handpicked Packages for different needs

No.1 Kerala Tour Packages planned by our expert Tour Operators

Vinu Holidays is a reputable tour agency with a team of experienced tour operators possessing in-depth knowledge of Kerala tourism. We offer No.1 Kerala tour packages and tourism services including trip planning, transportation, sightseeing trips, accommodations, houseboats, cruises and recreational activities. Our primary focus is to promote Kerala tourism by providing our clients with satisfactory hospitality services while effectively introducing them to the enchanting charms of Kerala.
Our pre-designed web pages offer a range of expertly curated tour packages for Kerala. These packages have been categorized into different groups, such as Kerala tour packages for women, Kerala tour packages for couples, Kerala tour packages for groups, Kerala tour packages for families, Kerala tour packages for honeymooners, and Kerala tour packages in general. Also, each type has separate pages for packages, ranging from 3 to 10 days. It may ease you to choose and customize one for your preferences and needs.
Our tour packages are carefully crafted to ensure the best of Kerala Tourism. Our accommodations are chosen to prioritise comfort, quality, safety, and the best hospitality. Our drivers are well versed in tourism and customer friendly. They are sincere and talented in their services and familiar with every nook and corner of each destination.
Our website has a set of pages that describe top tourist destinations in Kerala, such as Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Cherai, Varkala, Kovalam, Trivandrum, and Kanyakumari.
We will assist you every step of the way, from the moment you arrive in Kerala until your departure. So, don't wait any longer to explore the charms of Kerala with our attractive tour packages. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, experience the rich cultural heritage, and create unforgettable memories. Contact us today to book your dream trip to Kerala!

Kerala Tour Packages for various occasions

Top rated packages curated by experts and easy to customize for different preferences and budgets

  • How does Kerala tourism differ from other states of India?
    Kerala tourism stands out from other states of India due to its diverse range of attractions and activities. While other states often focus on one or two specific themes for tourism, Kerala offers an impressive array of options and countless interesting destinations. From its tranquil backwaters, picturesque hill stations, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, serene beaches, to its ancient cities, cultural activities, and historical sites, the state boasts potentially fascinating natural elements that are unmatched elsewhere make Kerala different from other states. Additionally, Kerala's hospitality services are renowned for their warmth and impeccable service. Whether indulging in the rich flavors of the local cuisine, or rejuvenating yourself with Ayurvedic treatments, the Kerala tourism experience is truly one of a kind.
  • How can Kerala be described in short for tourists?
    Kerala, known as God's Own Country, stands as a captivating paradise adorned with a plethora of attractions. From its enchanting hill stations and dense forests to its serene backwaters and golden beaches, Kerala Tourism offers a diverse range of experiences. History enthusiasts can explore the rich heritage of the state through its historical sites, colonial buildings, and ancient shrines. The presence of zoos, museums, and houseboat cruises further adds to the allure of this vibrant destination. Kerala's mouth-watering cuisine leaves a lasting impression, offering a delightful dining experience to visitors. The state's natural beauty is unparalleled, boasting stunning picturesque landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries that thrill nature-lovers. For those seeking a taste of local culture, tourist villages and village tours provide an immersive experience. Curio shops showcase exquisite handicrafts and artworks, while traditional stage shows offer a glimpse into the region's artistic heritage. Adventurous souls can even embark on thrilling rides atop elephants or horses. With an array of attractions and experiences to entice travelers, Kerala promises a truly unforgettable journey.
  • Whay is the preffered time to tour Kerala?
    When planning a tour to Kerala, choosing the preferred time is crucial. From a professional perspective, Kerala can be considered an all-time destination, with each season offering a unique charm. However, it is important to note that the monsoon season from June to August can bring heavy rainfall, which may limit outdoor activities. On the other hand, post-monsoon, which occurs from September to November, is equally delightful with pleasant weather and rejuvenated landscapes. Whether you're longing for lush greenery or avoiding crowds, selecting the best time to tour Kerala depends on your preferences and priorities. Kerala seasons generally: Kerala in Winter (October-February) Kerala in Summer (March-May) Kerala in Monsoon (June-September)

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