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Kumarakom Lake resort

Kumarakam Backwater Tourism

Kumarakom tour: A popular Backwater tourism

Here, we give a brief about Kumarakom and its tourist attractions:
Kumarakom, a quiet backwater tourist destination in Kerala, is considered a paradise for backwater tourism. About seven million tourists visit Kumarakom every year. It is a paradise for those who love Mother Nature. The lakeside luxury and affordable resorts provide accommodation and facilitation with all types of comforts to worldwide tourists. The village folks here live in their small huts on the small hamlets surrounded by the labyrinth of waterways. They live happily on a small income, earning through coconut and backwater-related activities. A full-day houseboat cruise is the most selected option to experience the backwater, where you can avail of your all-time meals and elegant rooms to sleep in with modern facilities like A/C, audio and video systems, attached bath, etc. To experience more deeply backwater life, you should take a small boat trip to sail through the narrow passages like lagoons and canals, which a houseboat cannot reach. Several agencies in Kumarakom provide all types of cruise services at a reasonable price. On-demand, Vinu Holidays can arrange for you quality cruises and backwater resorts, providing the best hospitality services.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary:

The bird sanctuary on the banks of Vembanad lake, where many birds flock in and out during migration, is the ornithologists' lure. Siberian strokes, egrets, darters, herons, and teals are among the most common migratory birds. Other common varieties include woodpeckers, skylarks, cranes, waterhens and parrots. On a cruise on Vembanad lake, curious visitors can see some of the endless species of living flying machines. These mysteries have puzzled ornithologists all over the world since the study first began. 

A few images at Kumarakom: Backwater tourism

Meals in a houseboat, Kumarakom
Kumarakom Resort
A Lake Resort in kumarakom
Kumarakom Bird sanctuary
Sights in a resort in Kumarakom
Houseboat meals
Houseboat Kitchen
Kathakali, an ancient performing arts of Kerala
A houseboat at Kumarakom
Bedroom in a houseboat
Houseboat meals
Kumarakom, Lake resort.webp
Multi-bedroom houseboat
Bird sanctuary in Kumarakom
Swimming Pool Near the Lake
Lagoons and canals in Kumarakom
Backwater resort by a lake
Toilet in a houseboat, Kumarakom
Shikara boats in kumarakom
Shower ia houseboat
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