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Nelliyampathy Hill Station

Nelliyampathy Hill station

Nelliyampathy Hills, Palakkad
The Nelliyampathy hill ranges, 465 to 1572 m, located in the Palakkad district, are visible from Nenmara. Nelliyampathy can be reached via the road that begins at Nenmara and proceeds to the Pothundy Dam. To get to Nelliyampathy, you must negotiate ten hairpin bends.
In addition to being a picturesque location, Pothundy Dam is an excellent picnic spot with boating facilities. On the Ghat road towards Nelliyampathy, there are viewpoints from which the vast expanses of the Palakkad district can be seen with their immense paddy fields. Furthermore, it provides a wonderful view of the Palakkad Gap, which is a geographical phenomenon in the Western Ghats formation in this region, bringing parts of Tamilnadu into the spotlight. It is also well known for its orange cultivation in the hills of Nelliyampathy.
The hills of Nelliyampathy are dotted with privately owned hotels and resorts. As one progresses up to Palagapandi estate, one passes by bio-farms that are significant landmarks. During British rule in India, the estate had a quaint bungalow, which has now been converted into a private resort. Kaikatty has a community hall, which is used by trekkers as a base.
Seetharkundu, not far from Palagapandy, offers a breathtaking view and is also home to a 100-meter-high waterfall. At Nelliyampathy, one can reach Mampara via trekking or jeep from Palagapandy. Palagapandy estate has tea, cardamom, and coffee plantations with surrounding hills offering views of Indian gaur, elephants, leopards, giant squirrels, etc., as well as a birdwatcher's paradise. 
Getting there
Nearest railway station: Palakkad, about 56 km; Thrissur and Shoranur, about 77 km 
Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport (Tamilnadu), about 55 km from Palakkad

Nelliyampathy Orange farm
Pothundi dam, Nelliampathy
Nelliyampathy snowy mountain
Foggy road Nelliyampathy
Seethargundu Viewpoint, Nelliyampathy
Tea Estate Nelliyampathy
Nelliyampathy Off-road safari
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