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Kerala backwater cruises and houseboats.

A collection of pictures featuring a houseboat in Alleppey backwater, along with its bathroom and bedroom.

This collection of images displays a houseboat, bathroom, and toilet, offering a sneak peek into the realm of opulent floating lodgings. Houseboats come in different classifications, spanning from basic to extravagant, each presenting distinct levels of excellence and amenities. Through these captivating visuals, potential customers can imagine themselves relishing the extraordinary experience of residing on a houseboat, featuring cosy bedrooms, lavishly furnished bathrooms, and state-of-the-art toilet facilities.

Experience the ultimate luxury of sailing through the serene backwaters of Kerala on our houseboats. Our collage of pictures showcases the beauty and comfort of our boats, including the bathroom and toilet facilities. We have partnered with top boat agencies to ensure that our boats are flawless and the atmosphere is hygienic. Our in-house boats offer healthful meals and modern amenities such as air-conditioned living rooms, TVs, musical systems, showers, jacuzzis, and swimming pools. Our boats are categorized as luxury, premium, deluxe, and standard, each providing different levels of comfort and facilities. Book your next houseboat voyage through Vinu Holidays and enjoy an unforgettable experience surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Shikara Boats.

Shikara offers boats ranging from 4 to 20 people, reaching narrow waterways inaccessible to houseboats. 

Shikara boat with bamboo roof on Alleppey waters, perfect for Kerala tourists.
A bamboo-roofed Shikara boat glides on the waters of Alleppey, a must-try for Kerala tourists.
Experience Kerala's beauty on a Shikara boat with a bamboo roof, cruising through Alleppey's waters.


  • Boats are available with a seating capacity of 4 to 20 passengers

  • Flexible timings. You can decide your starting and closing times as you wish. 

  • Less expensive compared to the price of the houseboat.

  • Well-maintained boats available

  • Accessible to  narrow waterways, canals and lagoons

  • Comfortable seats

  • Better for sightseeing

  • Faster than houseboats

  • Wide travel routes


One of the disadvantages of using a Shikhara boat is the absence of facilities such as rooms, kitchens, air conditioning, bathrooms and toilets. However, you can still access these amenities by stopping the boat at certain spots where they are available. This includes toilets, bathrooms, as well as tea, snacks, and meals that can be found outside while you continue your sailing journey.


Motorboats can accommodate up to 60 people.

Alleppey's passenger boat with people on board.
Kerala's tourist boat with passengers in the water
Passenger boat dining area with chairs and tables board in Kerala's backwaters.


  • up to 60 people can travel

  • Better for sightseeing

  • More speed than other boats, up to 50km/hr

  • There is a toilet though not that spacious

  • Guest cabin available

  • More spacious, people can freely walk inside Motorboats

  • More economical

  • Wide travel routes

  • Hiring is possible on hourly/daily basis


  • Not as much comfort as in shikhara or houseboat

  • small toilet

  • No air condition

  • No meal. Dependable on the restaurants available on either side of the canals during sailing. 

  • Night stay is not possible

Kayaking, Coracle, Speed boats:

Exciting, Enjoyable, and adventure

Alleppey Kayaking-canoe on Backwater tours
Countryboat or rowing boat on Alleppey backwater tours
Kayak or Kayaking in Nedumudi
Speed boat ride at Banasura dam reservior, Wayanad
Coracle at Akkulam Lake in Trivandrum
Speed boating in Alleppey

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