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Boats and cruises in Kerala

We have links with qualified boat agencies who provide us with quality services to meet our expectations, that is, flawless boats, a hygienic atmosphere, healthful meals (in houseboats), and friendly and hospitable services. Also, we get special discount rates and our customers can take advantage of this by booking their sailing through us. It is sure that you would have an ever memorable pleasant experience from the boat journey we provide you. 

Select your package, personalize it, and find the price 

Houseboats: Kitchen, corridor, dining hall, Bedroom and bath

Kerala backwater tourism

Today, the houseboats have all the creature comforts of an excellent hotel/resort, including furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cosy living rooms, a modern kitchen, a lounge, a sun deck, a balcony, and Eco-friendly cane and bamboo furniture. The rooms are single, double or triple with small balconies and have air conditioning, electric fans, television, mosquito curtains, and hot and cold water in the bathrooms. There are houseboats of two-storied and multi rooms, with 1 to 10 self-governing bedrooms. Houseboats have eco-friendly facilities for the disposal of waste and sewage. Some boats use traditional lanterns to create a romantic ambience.
Houseboats are several categories according to the quality, facilities and differences in their making.


  • Air-conditioned Bedrooms

  • Bedrooms, Toilets, Bathtub etc. are ready

  • Audio, video and television are ready

  • The Kitchen boy in the houseboat will cook, and you can have fresh, hot and delicious meals.

  • Comfortable night stay and pleasant day Cruise.

Shikara Boating: Available various boats for 4 to 20 persons 

Shikkara boats in Alleppey
Shikkara boats on alleppey backwater
Shikkara boats on Vembanad lake in Kerala


  • Boats are available with a seating capacity  of 4 to 20 passengers

  • Flexible timings. You can decide your starting and closing time as you wish. 

  • Less expensive comparing the price of the houseboat.

  • Well maintained boats available

  • accessible to  narrow canals and lagoons

  • comfortable seats

  • Better for sightseeing

  • faster than houseboats

  • Wide travel routes

Facilities like rooms, kitchen, AC, Bath, and toilets are not available in the Shikkara boat. However, you can avail of them by stopping the boat at some spots where toilets, bathrooms, tea, snacks and meals are accessible outside during your sailing.

Motorboats: Up to 60 people can travel

Standard tourist motorboat

Deluxe Picnic motorboat

tourist motor boats in Kerala
tourist motor boats for upto 60 passengers

Dining hall of a deluxe picnic boat for a group tour

Dining room at a tourist motor boat in Kerala


  • up to 60 people can travel

  • Better for sightseeing

  • More speed than other boats, up to 50km/hr

  • There is a toilet though not that spacious

  • Guest cabin available

  • More spacious, people can freely walk inside Motorboats

  • More economical

  • Wide travel routes

  • Hiring is possible on hourly/daily basis


  • Not as much comfort as in shikhara or houseboat

  • small toilet

  • No air condition

  • No meal. Dependable on the restaurants available on either side of the canals during sailing. 

  • Night stay is not possible

Canoeing: It can go to narrow canals and lagoons, and lower price 

Canoe boating in Kerala
Canoe boating in Alleppey
Canoe boating in Kumarakom
Small boat trip

Kayaking, Coracle, speed boating: Exciting, Enjoyable, and adventure

Alleppey Kayaking-canoe
Kayaking on Alleppey backwater
Kayak or Kayaking in Nedumudi
Speed boat ride at Banasura dam, Wayanad
Coracle at Akkulam Lake in Trivandrum
Speed boating in Alleppey
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